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Part of the novelty of the project lies in using a combination of new digital technologies (laptop, camera, video), social networking sites (twitter, blogs) and classic block pattern making techniques, tweed fabric (with a high-vis twist) and period hand/ pedal cranked sewing machines.

So, I am more than a bit excited about my two new/old pieces of technology. In the age of built-in obsolescence and ‘upgrade culture’, these fully functioning machines – a hand-cranked and the treadle sewing machine – are really something else. The former according to Singer was built in 1897 (making it 116 years old) and the latter is dated 1947 (66 years old). We will definitely be enrolling these machines in the project, and reflecting on their use in ethnographic field notes. However, given the volume of sewing we have to do (5 full ensembles and all the mockups and toiles), we will also be using contemporary machines.










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