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Yesterday Kat took me to Manchester Costume Museum – on bikes, of course – to revisit some of the missing archival materials which have since proven very useful. This gave us a second opportunity to look through a few of the years of The Queen, (1985) and (1986-1901) which took a decline once England was in Mourning. We also received a tip off to take a look at the Sketch, which has a much more satirical bent and feels related more to current affairs than fashion, and saw more of The Gentlewoman, a few loose pages from Punch, The Ladies Realm and more.

kat reading

And a closer view of some Chatelaines in The Queen from 1987

kat reading- chatelaine

A few of the gems we found include more documentation of transformable clothing, clip on fringes recommended for cycling, and more illustrations, though it will take a while to look through properly. And a lot of detours- via lamb’o’mutton sleeves, invalid transportation and chickens…

It was sad to see the gaps and lost pages of some of the journals, and the whole missing years. It makes you think automatically of the value of things and of fallibility of collecting and storing this type of material


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