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Goldsmiths had the opportunity to take some space at the annual Field Day festival. Usually it is at Victorian Park but this year it was at Brockwell Park. This is a great event with music, food and lots of activities and I jumped at the chance to share a tent with the Feminist Art Library and their collection of feminist posters. The comms department did a great job in producing lots of banners to frame the tent and I brought along an ever increasing body of materials I have been gathering and making and collecting!

The tent was located in the ‘Village Mentality’ area – we were conveniently between a cake stand and a beer tent!

Inside the tent we had lots of costumes for people to see up close and try on if they wanted (though it was an pretty hot day for tweed!)

I did a quick welcome video to explain what we were up to that was posted on twitter

We set up a series of sewing machines on two tables – 2 modern and an 1897 hand cranked Singer –  a pile of tweedy material and colourful bias tape along with lots of scissors, pins and cotton

Check out some of tie-on pockets people made during the day!

People also put on costumes and tried them out on the bicycles

Overall, it was a great day! I spoke to lots of people about the project, heard some terrific stories about cycling, sewing and protest. There was a lot of crafting. We made lots of interventions into people’s clothing. Thanks to all the helpers and to everyone who participated!

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