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A common difficulty when studying patents is losing the research trail. You may have been piecing archival materials and genealogical studies together to create a fragmented picture of the inventor for months, and then nothing…..  An inventors name is often lost when a product is commercialised­. It is renamed or rebadged and without access to the personal correspondence or business contracts to make sense of this shift, it is close to impossible to make connections between ideas and products.

This is not the case with Bygrave’s invention.

We were very excited to discover Jaeger, the British fashion house, picked up, produced and distributed the design under the name – ‘The Bygrave Convertible skirt’.

Ads and editorial appeared in popular cycling and women’s periodicals such as The Lady Cyclist and The Queen.

Bygrave's new cycle dress - april 4 1896
LC pt 1, vol2, Mar 1896 - Bygrave costume v2


jaeger ad - LC pt1, vol2 - march 1896 v3

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