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Some of the digitally printed silks with illustrations by Alice are back from the printers.


The green one is for the Madam Julia Gill cycle skirt and will be used to line the garment we have made from her patent.

The lining is revealed when the garment ‘converts’ or transforms from street wear into cycle wear.

We are doing different linings for each of the patents.

The Julia Gill lining tells the story about her life as a Court Dressmaker and shows details of her cycle wear patent. It also more broadly renders visible the context of how women would have used the services of a court dressmaker, the different kinds of influences they would have brought to bear on their choices of materials and fashions, different media around at the time and available technologies (sewing machines, patterns etc).

We are delighted with the results (and feeling just a tiny bit nervous about cutting it up).






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  1. Is there any chance these beautifully printed fabrics are available to the public? I sew Victorian and Steampunk clothing and I would absolutely love to have some of this fabric to line a bicycling cape of my own (I bicycle to work).

    1. Hi Jessie, yes they are lovely aren’t they. Alice Angus is the artist who created them. More of her work and also her contact details are here.

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