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#1 Alice Bygrave’s Pulley Cycling Skirt


#2 Julia’s Gill’s cycling semi-skirt


#3 Henrietta Muller’s three piece cycling suit


#4 Pease sisters’ combined cycling skirt and cape


#5 Mary Ward’s side-button skirt or what was known as the ‘Hyde Park Safety Skirt’

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  1. Well done, very nice collection, shots show well how conversion from pedestrian to cycling wear works. Stateside me thinks that these would be famously popular attire for Tweed rides —

    1. Thanks Tom! Yes, they definitely work well for Tweed rides. I know some people who have been making and wearing versions of these costumes at London Tweed Run events for a few years now. Given the number of pattern downloads (we have surpassed 4000 now!), I am looking forward to seeing even more in future years : )

  2. This is amazing!

    I wear skirts all the time because of a disability, and I really prefer them. I thought when I recover I would have to revert to pants so I could ride again. But these are great ideas! I’ll be able to wear the clothes I like, and still ride instead of driving.

    Thank you for documenting this project!

  3. Thanks so much for your comment Kelly. It’s really great to hear about your interest in the project, your use of skirts and how you prefer to cycle over driving. Take care, Kat

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