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I recently participated in a panel organised by Nikki Pugh an artist and research who explores interactions between people and place.

Links & Shifts is part of a larger project in which Nikki asks: “What happens when you change from thinking about markers on a map to an awareness of the changing rhythms of effort and terrain?”

She also invitedEmily Chappell – founding member of the Adventure Syndicate, first female finisher of the 2016 Transcontinental and author of What Goes Round – and together we talked about opportunities and challenges of making, being in and moving through socio-technical materials and contexts.

Practitioners from three different disciplines explore the similarities and differences in their working processes. The obvious link between them is cycling, but this event will delve deeper into methods of understanding-through-doing; the affordances of bodies and technology in motion; and how we tell the stories of the physical, emotional and intellectual journeys we go on.

Nikki, Kat and Emily will each give a presentation about whatthey do before then taking part in a group panel discussion that takes a closer look at how and why they do. There’ll be tea, cake, books, bikes and bloomers during the break.

The panel discussion was followed by audiences members trying on of a collection of costumes that I brought which was fun as usual! I’ve taken the following pics from Nikki’s write up about the event here.

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