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Excitingly, the Bikes & Bloomers project has received widespread national and regional media (tv, newspapers, magazine and radio coverage). 

 The Telegraph (16/04/18) and The Times (16/04/18) ran major print and online pieces and The Sun (16/04/2018) included the story in brief.

I wrote a piece for The Guardian Bike Blog (16/04/2018). More here.

I was on Sky News Sunrise (18/04/2018) where I discussed and demonstrated the Bygrave convertible skirt.

I was interviewed on BBC World Service World Update (18/04/18) [interview starts at 43:19].

The MailOnline (16/04/18) ran the story based on Press Association copy generated by the press release and the PA copy featured in a wide range of regional newspapers everywhere from South Wales Guardian (16/04/18) and East Lothian Courier (16/04/18) to the Oxford Mail (16/04/18) and Yorkshire Post (16/04/18). Vanessa Feltz also mentioned the book in her Daily Express (18/04/18) column.

The research video about the project has become the best performing Goldsmiths research video of 2018: it has received over 21k views and was shared 579 times on Facebook (so far).


I was interviewed on BBC Radio London’s Robert Elms Show (28/04/18) and talked about clever cycle wear, some of the London based inventors I’ve focused on in my research and their contributions of early cycling cultures.



I was interviewed for LA Public Radio Station KCRW’s Design & Architecture show (8/05/18) about women’s cycle wear earlier in the week [ I’m about 3/4 through].

I was invited to write for the BBC History Magazine, June edition. More on that here.

Brixton Blog (6/05/18) featured a short piece about the project and focused on the Brixton inventor Alice Bygrave and her convertible cycling skirt.

The book is also getting reviewed. So, far in The Atlantic, The Spectator and Casquette.  More here.

And more to come:

I’ll be in an upcoming Wheel suckers podcast, with Alex Davis from Look Mum No Hands! and Jenni Gwiazdowski from London Bike Kitchen

And I’m part of lots of summer festivals and events. More here.

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