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I helped to launch the new Public Engagement initiative at Goldsmiths on Monday which aims to help researchers connect with the public with their work.



3pm: Welcome from Jane Powell, Deputy Warden

3.10: Public engagement at Goldsmiths – Prof Chris French, Academic Lead for Public Engagement, and Will Cenci, Public Engagement Communications Officer.

• Our strategy
• The project
• What we can do for you

3.30: Public engagement case study – Cycling, sewing and suffragette storytelling with Kat Jungnickel (Sociology)

3.40: Public engagement case study – Postman’s Park with John Price (History)

3.50: Public engagement case study – Hearing Wagner with Richard Lewis (Computing)

4.00 Public engagement case study – Anna Hickey-Moody (Centre for the Arts and Learning, Department of Educational Studies)

4.10: Public engagement: a national perspective – Paul Manners, Director of the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement

4.25: Deputy Editor Megan Clement from The Conversation – an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic community and delivered direct to the public

4.40: Looking on the Bright side – Dr Steve Cross, Head of Public Engagement at UCL, shares some humorous recollections from the front line of public engagement.

5pm: Closing remarks followed by refreshments and demonstrations

This event is aimed at Goldsmiths researchers at any career stage, including postgraduate researchers or anyone with an interest in public engagement at Goldsmiths.

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