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I had a great night at the ‘Wearable Technologies’ late at the Science Museum. Substantial audiences turned out – twice – to see the talk and try on the clothes.

Many thanks to the Science Museum for the invite and for excellent support on the night.

setup 2 at smlate

I wore the convertible costume by Alice Bygrave. This version is actually the initial mock-up that Rachel and I made early in the project. It works just as well as the final version and fortuitously matches the other pieces in the costume (ie. blouse, jacket, waistcoat and bloomers). I don’t often wear it as it is not as lovely as the Dashing Tweeds version…. however I have broken the other costume from over use. The cords need repairing and replacing and rethreading.

talking at smLates2

I sometimes get on tables. I didn’t this time but I did wave my arms around a lot
demo at smlates

The opportunity to try on convertible garments was well received

trying things on3 at smlates

trying things on4 at smlates

trying things on at smlates2

I enjoy it when people get into my research

dress ups3 at smlates


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