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PI: Kat Jungnickel
Senior Lecturer, Sociology Department
Goldsmiths, University of London

I am a sewing cycling sociologist. My research is concerned with invention, mobilities, gender, DIY and DIT (Do-It-Together) technology communities and visual and inventive practice. Making and engaging are integral to my work. My practice is informed by my interest in different ways of ‘telling about society’ (Becker 2007). This means my theoretical and methodological approach takes many forms – from websites,  machines, videos, printed materials, photographs, exhibitions, performances, installations and most recently, costume (and sewing patterns). I own and ride lots of bikes. More about my research practice is here.


The team for the project included:

RA: Rachel Pimm

Rachel is an artist and designer.  She was involved in all aspects of the Bikes & Bloomers project, from doing archival research, to assisting with the pattern making, sewing and working with collaborators.


Alice giving an artist talk/tour at Hive Beach, Dorset

Alice Angus
Alice is an artist and co-director of Proboscis. Her work includes works on paper video and fine art textiles and fabrics. On Bikes & Bloomers she worked to visually interpret  (via drawing and painting) the collaborative process of working with the research group and their archival findings. This work was digitally printed onto silk and sewn into the lining of the garments.



Britt Hatzius

Britt works in photography, video, film and performance. On Bikes & Bloomers she documented the interdisciplinary collaborations and helped with the exhibition and installations.



Nadia Constantinou

Nadia is an expert pattern cutter and technical consultant. On Bikes & Bloomers she worked with the team to translate the patents into block sewing patterns.




Charlotte Barnes

Charlotte Barnes is a portrait and editorial photographer based in London working with a wide range of commercial clients, musicians and artists.  Many of the terrific photos on the site are by Charlotte.


Taken in Durban, South Africa, ASSHH conference 2011.

Annette-Carina Van Der Zaag
Annette is a sociologist and corset maker. She assisted on the project in the archives and studio, helping to gather data and also sew many of the garments in the collection.




Photo credit: Russ Whelan

Nikki Pugh

Nikki is an artist and researcher. She was part of the research term for a short internship and helped to organise the ‘Bloomer Ride’ cycle tour that took in key sites around central London that were relevant to the project.


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