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The 2018 Tweed Run was on this weekend – Saturday 5th May – and marked it’s 10th year anniversary. I’ve been lucky enough to attend about 6 of them, I think. The Tweed Run for those who don’t know is a very popular annual cycle ride through London. This year was no exception – about 1000 dressed up cyclists brought their best bikes on a 12 mile route through a very sunny city.

This year I volunteered as a marshall, which involved attending a number of recce rides prior to the event to learn the route and how we might best care for and guide riders on the day. Every year I ride my penny farthing and make a bespoke tweedy cycling suit that fits the event and the requirements of the high wheel velocipede. This year I chose a fuchsia Harris Tweed and used the 1890s tailored bloomer pattern combined with a matching waistcoat.

To ride the penny, the pattern required customisation to twist the bulk of the bloomer away from the inner to the outer knee.

I also changed the bloomer pattern at the waistband this year – only buttons on one side.

I finished the suit early this year – the night before – which is unusual for me!

It all worked well on the bike. Here is the full ensemble – at the tea stop in Russell Square

And more pics!

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