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I’m excited to announce details of the upcoming third event for the larger ‘Transmissions and Entanglements‘ project. The first ‘Uses of Inventive Methods’ was hosted by UCI in April 2013. The second ‘Inventive Enactments of the Social’ was held in June 2013 at Goldsmiths. This event, in June 2014, features a series of critical and creative events curated across a week (11-14th) designed to explore how we transmit and entangle social worlds through new forms of description.

Live Transmissions: critical conversations about crafting, performing and making includes a public talk, invite-only symposium and sewing workshop, public exhibition and performance and curated bike ride around London. Participants will discuss hands-on, object oriented and embodied means of knowing and explore the challenges and possibilities of unlocking new expressions of the social. Our aim is to invite new ways to re-think and re-imagine how we might inhabit our research using new practices, materials, sites or forms and debate what Live Transmission has to offer new modes of social story telling and storytellers.

Questions that will be addressed include:

What happens when we don’t strip bodies out of our work?

What do we learn from crafting, performing and making our research?

What can and cannot be transmitted?

How can we inhabit the social in new ways?


The current schedule is as follows:

Wednesday 11th June
WORKSHOP & PUBLIC TALK (at Goldsmiths)

10.00                   Kat Jungnickel – What do bikes and bloomers have to do with sociology?

10.30 – 16.30     Bicycle Bloomer Making Workshop  (including lunch)

Conference attendees are invited to inhabit a research project by engaging with history, stories, patterns and material and making their own Victorian bicycle bloomers. This hands-on object oriented session offers a way of thinking about sociology through sewing.

17.10                Public talk at Goldsmiths by Jackie Orr – Associate Professor, Sociology, Maxwell School of Syracuse University

18.00                Respondent: Michael Guggenheim – Senior Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer, Sociology, Goldsmiths

18.30                Questions

19.00                Drinks

20.00               Dinner for symposium attendees


Thursday 12th June
SYMPOSIUM (Invite only event at Goldsmiths)

10.00                        Coffee

10.30                        Kat Jungnickel – Welcome

Live transmission session  – All participants will be invited to bring an example of ‘Live transmission’ in their work and to briefly speak about (<5min)and curate it with other objects to create a growing mini-exhibition through the day.


11.00 – 11.45             Julia Brian Wilson – Associate Professor, Modern and Contemporary Art, History of Art Department, Berkeley

Professor of Visual Arts

11.45 – 12.30             Janis Jeffries – Artist, writer and curator, Professor of Visual Arts in the Department of Computing, Goldsmiths

12.30 – 13.00             Discussion chaired by Nina Wakeford – Reader, Sociology, Goldsmiths

13.00 – 14.00            Lunch

Live transmission session II


14.30-15.15             Zoe Mediero & Azucena Klett –

15.15-16.00            Jennifer Gabrys – Senior Lecturer, Sociology, Goldsmiths.

16.00-16.30            Discussion – chaired by Alex Taylor, Researcher, Microsoft Cambridge

16.30-16.45            Afternoon tea

Live transmission session III

17.00-17.30         Visual Sociology student presentations  – intro by Rebecca Coleman – Senior Lecturer, Sociology, Goldsmiths

Wrap up. Comments, thoughts and questions from the group


Friday 13th June

 19.00                 Exhibition show of ‘Freedom of Movement; the bike, bloomer and female cyclist in late C19th Britain’ at Look Mum No Hands, 49 Old Street, A central London bike café/workshop/exhibition space.

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