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We are in the process of developing 9 open source downloadable PDF sewing patterns inspired by our research and patents lodged by inventive women 1895-1899.

More soon!

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  1. I am on the board of the Tucson Steampunk Society and we are trying to get together a Tweed Ride. We started with a smaller, monthly ride which was a success. We want our members to get a chance to dress up and get a little exercise at the same time as we are concerned about the health of our members. We figured a tweed ride would be a fun way for the Steampunks to get a chance to test/show off their creative skills.
    I would love to get sewing patterns for the lovely bicycling costumes you have made. It is very difficult to find Victorian era bicycling patterns for females. I love what you all are doing and it has been very fun to read about your experiences in bringing these patents back to life.
    Please let me or the Tucson Steampunk Society know when you have sewing patterns available. We are both available on Facebook.
    Here is the group page
    Here is the Tinkerers page, we are more active on this page and this is where the makers hang out.

    1. Hi Jessie. Thanks for the message. I’ve been working hard on the patterns and they are almost ready and will be launched this month. I’ll put a message on your fb group too!

  2. What a wonderful website!! So interesting.
    I would like to get a cycling costume made to show the locals what women wore in Edwardian / Victorian era when cycling. The bike was a tool for emancipation in NZ as well as USA and I’d like to celebrate this by wearing a costume as I cycle in the parade with antique cars, trucks & tractors on Heritage Day.
    May I get a pattern for some knickerbockers? I have some tartan fabric I bought in Inverness 14 years ago which I never made into a long skirt (after my kilt for my son & nephew idea faded). So I can make it into knicker-bockers for Heritage Day. (Our town of 30,000, Blenheim, top of South Island, NZ, has it in Feb each year).
    I cycle everyday (commute to shops & work) and teach Cycle Ed in primary schools 6 days a year or so and do some teaching for 2 local schools to cover sickness/ courses.

    1. Hi Hazel, thanks for your message. That sounds like a great project. I have just finalised two bloomer patterns – a more tailored version and a fuller bloomer. They will be available next week.

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