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As Rachel and I get stuck into sewing we have been talking about exploring the resources potentially available to us in the spirit of ‘interdisciplinary collaboration’ at Goldsmiths. So, recenlty we have been visiting some of the amazing facilities in the art and design departments – not normally part of the usual sociology student/staff everyday experience.




We are still asking the ‘why’, ‘where’, ‘how much’, ‘how fast’, ‘who by’, ‘what for’ kinds of questions but ostensibly these excursions are pretty inspiring for thinking about what we can make ourselves, what we might enlist assistance and what else we might make!

– Digital weaving machine (software) for making labels

– Automatic button hole machine (for our trial pieces – especially the spats which each have up 12 button holes each!)

– Digital fabric printing samples

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  1. Fantastic project! I’ve had an early 1900’s style costume made for riding my 1902 bicycle, would be great to follow your progress as I’m in the process of getting a Victorian outfit made to ride my 1890 bicycle.

    Dorset, UK

  2. Thanks Myra! Your costume sounds great. I’d love to see it/ hear more about your influences and adventures in making it.

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